Common nematodes found in Turf Grass - Lance Nematode

Lance Nematodes

The most common (but not limited to) turf grasses that the Lance Nematode is found in include St. Augustine grass, Zoysia and Bermuda grass. The Lance Nematode is one of the larger nematodes in the species and can measure to be as long as 1.5 mm in length. Lance Nematodes (along with the Sting Nematodes) are known to cause some of the most turf grass problems in Florida but can also be found throughout the United States. When there is a Lance Nematode infestation, it is much harder to eliminate them due to the high population and larger distribution area they cover. The easiest tell that you have a Lance Nematode infestation is the amount of root damage your grass will have. When examined, the roots of your grass will not have any of the small feeder roots, the root tips will be dead, and if there is any sign of new root growth, it will be severely damaged. Multiguard Protect is an extremely effective contact nematicide against turf nematodes and promotes a healthy root system.

48 Common nematodes found in Turf Grass

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