Common nematodes found in Turf Grass - Root Knot Nematode

The Root Knot Nematode

Root Knot Nematodes are known mainly (but not limited to) for damaging vegetable plants, but also do damage on St. Augustine grass and Zoysia. These Nematodes are more common throughout the entire United States because some Root Knot Nematode species can survive in the low temperatures of winter, unlike most other kinds of nematodes. When Root Knot Nematodes are present in crops and grasses, the plants are more likely to contract diseases and are more prone to drought and other environmental stressors because of the smaller, damaged root systems or the root knots or galls these nematodes cause. These types of nematodes are more easily controlled with chemical treatments such as MultiGuard Protect Nematicide. The active ingredient in MultiGuard Protect is furfural, which has been proved to be an effective nematicide. Furfural has a contact method of kill. Direct contact impacts on the cuticle resulting in disintegration and subsequent death of the nematode.

49 Common nematodes found in Turf Grass

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