Nematode damage on crops

There are many ways to tell if you have a parasitic nematode infestation in your garden, field, crops or turf. When looking at your plants, if the leaves are wilted and discolored (similar to symptoms of under-watering/lack of nutrients in the soil) the roots may be infested with nematodes. To tell if it is a nematode infestation or lack of nutrition in your plants, dig up a plant with the symptoms mentioned above, shake off the excess soil and examine the roots. The roots will most likely have galls and/or shorter, damaged roots. The only way to truly tell if your problem is caused by nematodes is to test a sample of your soil. If you in fact have a nematode infestation, the use of MultiGuard Protect Nematicide will help control the infestation without damaging your plants. Multiguard Protect is an extremely effective natural nematicide against nematodes and promotes a healthy root system.

45 Nematode damage on crops

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