Nematode Effect On Roots

Most nematode species feed off the roots of many vegetable and legume plants, grasses and grains. Since most nematodes are microscopic, the only way to tell if you have a nematode infestation is if some or most of your crops and plants appear to have a lack of nutrition or to test the soil. On vegetable plants there will be visible galling on the roots, however on grasses and grains there will not be galling, only visible root damage. The nematode damaged grass roots will appear to be much shorter than the roots of a healthy turf grass and can also look to be rotted. A sign that your turf damage was caused by nematodes is the irregular pattern of damage in your grass or crops. If your turf has been affected by nematodes, you can control the nematode infestation without damaging any grass. MultiGuard Protect Nematicide is effective against nematodes, yet is not phytotoxic and helps to promote a healthy root system.

46 Nematode effect on roots

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