Nematode injury to turf - above the ground

Symptoms of Nematode Damage Above Ground

above ground nematode damage Commom Symptoms include:

- Slight to severe yellowing of foliage.
- Thinning of the turf canopy.
- Reduced growth.
- Wilting.
- Premature death.
- Poor response to irrigation, fertilizers or fungicide applications.

Though it is hard to actually tell if you have a nematode infestation or if a lack of nutrients in your soil and under watering, there are a few signs that will point to the nematode. The most common symptoms of a nematode infestation are yellowing of foliage (slight to severe), thinning of the turf canopy, reduced growth, wilting, premature death and poor response to irrigation, fertilizers or fungicide applications. Most of the time is it assumed that your turf needs a heavier application of fertilizers, water or fungicide, but this is when money is wasted because the nematode will keep suppressing the plant and it will not affect your plant growth. This is where there is a lot of money and time is wasted. MultiGuard Protect is the solution to harmful nematode problems. Multiguard Protect is an extremely effective contact nematicide against turf nematodes and promotes a healthy root system.

Eliminate Nematodes the Natural Way.
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