Nematode injury to Turf – below the ground

Symptoms of Nematode Damage Below the Ground

below ground nematode damage

Common Symptoms Include:

- Poorly developed root systems
- Knots and galls on the root

There are usually some signs above ground that there is a nematode infestation in your soil, however the signs are identical to a lack of nutrients in the plant. These signs are yellowing and wilting leaves, thinning of the turf canopy, reduced growth, and premature death.  The easiest way to tell is to pull some of your plants or turf to look at the root system for damage. The roots of your damaged turf will be much shorter than that of a healthy root system. There will most likely not be any galls or root knots because of the thickness of turf roots compared to a root system of a crop plant. Other root damages include the appearance of rotting or dead roots, missing feeder roots and root tips and an increase of turf grass diseases. Multiguard Protect is an extremely effective contact nematicide against turf nematodes and promotes a healthy root system.

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