Nematodes puncturing plant root cells

Life cycle of Root Knot Nematode

51 Life cycle of Root Knot Nematode

Root Knot Nematodes are named for the reason that they feed off of a plant’s root cells from their first stage as a worm or larvae after hatched from an egg. The root knot nematode lives in three stages, growing each time and shedding their outer layer. As nematodes grow they also attach themselves to a host plant’s roots, feeding off of the plant cells and inserting itself deeper within the root as it feeds which creates a root knot or gall. Throughout the three stages of shedding and growing within a plants root system, the root knot nematode will live anywhere between 17 to 57 days depending on the climate. The easiest way to eliminate nematodes is to kill them while they are in the egg stage of their life so they have no chance to damage your plants. A simple way to manage a nematode infestation is with a Nematicide like MultiGuard Protect that kills nematodes on contact without damaging your plant or the beneficial organisms in the soil. The difference is that MultiGuard Protect is not phytotoxic, leaves no harmful residue in the soil and stimulates the growth of beneficial organisms in the soil.

Eliminate Nematodes the Natural Way.
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